PK XD Mod Apk 1.51.2 (Plus Subscription, Unlocked All)

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June 15, 2024
166 MB
Android 4.4
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Mod Info?
  • Unlimited Coin (Visual)
  • Plus Subscription
  • Unlocked All
  • Unlock All Skin
  • Unlock Home
  • Unlimited Gems (Visual)
  • No Ads

What is PK XD?

PK XD is an open-world game and it is available for both Android and iOS devices. The game permits you to create and customize your avatar with various outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and more. You can also examine a vibrant world full of amazement, where you can visit diverse places, such as the beach, the park, the mall, the school, etc. You can furthermore interact with additional players from around the world, chat with them, make pals, join parties, and have joy. You can also adopt and care for pets like dogs, cats, unicorns, dragons, etc. You can also play mini-games and challenges to earn coins and gems, which you can utilize to purchase more commodities and features for your avatar and your house.

PK XD Mod Apk


Coming into the gameplay domain of PK XD, players find themselves fascinated by the freedom to create and socialize. The open-world design facilitates users to shape their virtual reality, fostering a significance of ownership and connection. Immersing in various mini-games and quests, players earn rewards, enriching their overall adventure and contributing to the lively and interactive nature of the game.
PK XD is a place for gamers to explore the virtual universe and participate in entertainment activities with online gamers. It is a large and colorful world shown on a 3D background. Besides, it also engraves stunning character images with super funny hairstyles, ensembles, accessories, and movements.
You can even build an intimate life with your home and unique decorations. You will simply move around on the streets, to the shopping mall, the outdoor stage for adventure. A sequel of interesting items in the game will keep you from getting bored playing throughout the day.

Customize your avatar

One of the main interests of PK XD is that you can customize your avatar according to your intentions. You can select from hundreds of outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and facial expressions to develop your unique look. The game is regularly updated, counting new features and enhancements that keep the gameplay new and engaging. Each update brings new wonders such as extra mini-games and decorative things for avatars and homes. You can also adorn your house with furniture, wallpapers, plants, and pets. You can invite your friends to stay at your house and rate it.

PK XD Mod Apk

Affectionately care for your pets

This game has a lot of unique pets like dogs, cats, pigs, and more. In certain, you can unite two pets to create a new amazing pet. Additional pets are available from PK XD that aren’t presently represented in the game containing hedgehogs, raccoons, buffalos, and alligators. The video game features dozens of different choices for pet owners. Each pet peeks adorable and is planned to fit the game’s cute home and characters. Their unique demeanors make in-game experiences more interesting. By caring for your pets and enabling them to grow into new shapes, you can relish the true growing experiences of your life. Doing this makes the game much more fun and fascinating than just showing your pets.

Interact with other players

Another lightness feature of PK XD is that you can interact with other players from around the world. You can speak with them by employing text or voice messages. You can also create friends with them by sending them friend requests or uniting their groups. You can also unite parties with them by inviting them to your house or reaching to their houses. You can also dance with them taking up various dance moves and emotes. It delivers a virtual playground for players to scour and interact with others. Users can plan their avatars, decorate their houses, and participate in different mini-games. The game also comprises a chat feature, furnishing a platform for social interaction among players.

PK XD Mod Apk

Build your dream home

The opportunities are infinite with all of these things. You can see everything from a cloud sofa and dance mat to soft mats or player chairs for the living room set up in style. There are also kitchen devices that will create cooking fun again plus bathroom necessities too. You’ll be competent to take care of every aspect if they’re important sufficiently because we know how much attention gamers pay when it comes downright cleaning themselves after playing video games nonstop until late hours in the evening. Design your home as you like it to be. Place kitchen things, mats, sofa sets, bathroom articles, and more wherever you like them to exist.

Participate in challenges and mini-games

PK XD APK for Android offers various challenges and mini-games to keep your excitement at the highest level. These challenges are an incredible way to earn rewards and show off your skills to different players. Some of the amazing challenges and mini-games. And you can test your pizza delivery talents against other players in real-time battles. Fight in real-time fighting while dancing. Accomplishing either of these will reward you with excess in-game currency. Playing the game rewards you with money for your virtual life. It also retains a long list of features.

3D graphics with fun cartoon design

The virtual world of the game is created entirely with 3D graphics It describes everything very vividly getting a sense of immersion and close exploration Character impressions and other details are depicted in a cartoon style Moreover the adventure scene is ever bright colorful and bustling The game also has many various areas with large constructions It is this that will facilitate your adventurous spirit With its creative features and continuous updates PK XD keeps players committed and entertained making it a must try for those seeking a truly immersive and animated gaming experience

PK XD Mod Apk

Free to play

There are no fees to play the game on the Google Play Store This norms you can experience the game on your Android phone without any bother It has a vast number of features and is still very popular You can enjoy many features that are accessible in the game without issues Yet if you want to experience the game without limits you should use our mod Playing the game PK XD doesn’t show any problems for any age group This is because the game has appropriate and child-friendly appearance PK XD is a stress-free game that parents and kids can fun together its also great for playing with friends